Courageous Kingdom Advancement

Become a disciple

Develop a relationship with Jesus in a community with others who will encourage you along the way.

Build authentic relationships

Bold faith in the gospel causes BRAVE disciples to live real, raw, but reverent lives that produce authentic relationships.

Make disciples

Cadres empower everyone to engage in discipleship and to be discipled. The ultimate goal of discipleship is always to be "sent."

How do I get into a Cadre?

Your starting point is to register and attend Cadre Orientation group where we go over the vision, mission, and methodology of Cadres. You will be placed in a Cadre during orientation. 

Next Cadre Orientation Dates:

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Register For Cadre Orientation

Find your city/zip code and register for one of the options for your community. Cadre Orientation is held for two Sundays, please plan accordingly to attend both sessions.